Today I have some topiary plant inspiration for your home. Come and take a look at some beautiful images on how to grow and style your home beautifully with topiary plants.

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Image | Beautiful House

Artificial Topiaries

Artificial topiaries are perfect for decorating all year round indoors and out, and when I can’t use one of my topiary plants from the garden I love to use an artificial one.

Image | Patricia Griffin Design
Image | Clary Bosbyshell Design

Topiary is the art of growing plants and training them to grow into a ball shape.

Plants To Use

Shrubs and hedging plants are more suitable to use with their small leaves and dense foliage. They are often fast growers and easier to clip into shape.

Some suggested plants to use for your topiary are:

  • Buxus hedge
  • Rosemary
  • Lilly Pilly
  • Privet
  • Japanese Box
Image | Beautiful House

Topiaries are best grown outdoors and prefer full to partial sun. I swap my plants around and bring some inside for a few days in the cooler months. They are the perfect green addition to your home decor.

Maintaining Your Topiary

Your topiary will need regular pruning if you want to keep its ball-like shape. Feed and water regularly too.

Keep your topiary plant in a protected position and not in the wind. It’s also a good idea to rotate your topiary plant a little each month to keep its growth even and dense.

Image | Sarah Bartholomew

The topiaries above receive plenty of light in Carolyne Roehm’s breakfast room which is also full of her most beautiful china collection.

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