The entertaining season is upon us again and we are spending even more time in our kitchen preparing meals for our family and friends.  Make your kitchen beautiful with some simply curated vignettes.  Today I have some simple vignette ideas to decorate your kitchen.

What is a Vignette?

A vignette is a decorative design or grouping of objects displayed together, usually in odd numbers.

Kitchen vignette

Trays & Kitchen Stands

A tray or a decorative stand makes the perfect base for styling your vignette.  They are perfect pieces for keeping your display together.   If you are lacking storage in your kitchen, a display stand can be great for storing tea cups and mugs.


Kitchen vignette

Layering & Height

Layering pieces can give your vignette some height.  I have used a medium sized chopping board from Provincial Home Living and layered with a tea towel for some colour.  A white round cake stand has been placed on top with some green apples.


kitchen styling

Natural Elements

Adding natural elements such as flowers, fruit and herbs are perfect for creating your kitchen vignette.  Display your fruit on a stand or in a bowl.  I have used my faux magnolias and potted topiary to style my tray.  The eggs are from my chickens and are sitting in a small white compote stand.

kitchen vignette

Review & Edit

Step back and review your vignette>  Maybe you have too many items, or not enough height.  Make some changes if you feel you need to.  A vignette display can change and evolve constantly.   Change your vignette with each season to freshen up your kitchen space and to enjoy those special pieces you love.

How have you updated your kitchen?