What Is A Vignette?

A vignette (pronounced vin-yet) is a group or display of objects with varying height and sizes that tell a story and create a focal point in your room.

Image | Mark D. Sikes


Vignettes are small moments that set the scene or create a mood within a larger space.   

Choose pieces that support the style of your decor and that are suitable for the space you’re decorating.


Choose your anchor object first. Usually the largest piece to go in your Vignette, such as Artwork, a lamp or a potted indoor plant that has the most visual presence.

Natural Element

Adding a natural element such as an indoor plant or fresh flowers will soften your vignette.

I love creating beautiful flower vignette’s with what I find in my garden, and of course this will change with each season.

Tips to Build Your Vignette

  • Use a Table lamp.
  • Choose decor pieces in the style of your home.
  • Make it more personal with a framed photograph.
  • Display objects in odd numbers such as three or five.
  • Vary the height of the objects.
  • Styling your vignette in a simple color palette will help you achieve a more cohesive look.

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