The Block 2017 – Bathrooms

This week on The Block saw Josh and Elyse win the main bathroom reveal.  Josh and Elyse had a point of difference and included a luxurious round bath in their bathroom, although the judges were concerned about there being insufficient storage.  Read all about each of the contestants bathrooms on The Block.

House 1 – Jason & Sarah

Jason and Sarah started their home renovations by flipping the floor plan which slowed down their renovations.  Despite the setbacks of losing their tiler and plumber they won the $5,000 Domain prize for the most promising room.

The floor tiles tied in well with the bathroom pendant light.  The bathroom includes underfloor heating and a dydraulic towel rail.  A double basin was included in their large vanity.  I really loved the vase of flowers that added a pretty finishing touch to their bathroom design.

The Block 2017

“It’s nice to see a new take on the Moroccan tile,” said Neale Whitaker.

The Block 2017

House 2 – Clint & Hannah

After moving the bathroom on their floor plan, a series of mistakes set them back.  A floor that was too high meant that it all had to be taken out and lowered, costing them valuable time in completing their bathroom.

Their bathroom had a large vanity with plenty of storage space for a family, and I loved the combination of wall and floor tiles chosen by Clint and Hannah.

The Block 2017

“I love the type of bath, I love the tapware, the size of the vanity,” said Shaynna.

The Block 2017

House 3 – Ronnie & Georgia

Ronnie and George designed a bold and contemporary bathroom, softened with a round mirror and white wall tiles.

I love the simple styling touches with a vase of flowers and a rolled up towel that finishes their bathroom.

The Block 2017

“If I walked in here as a potential buyer, I’d be blown away by this,” said Neale.

The Block 2017

House 4 – Sticks & Wombat

Sticks and Wombat’s bathroom was created with large grey wall tiles and finished off with a white claw foot bath and a white vanity with plenty of bathroom storage.  I love the white shutters too.

Their bathroom has been styled with natural elements such as the timber bath rack and a green potted plant.

The block 2017

“This is an architectural success, and that’s what I want to see,” said Shaynna.

The Block 2017

House 5 – Josh & Elyse

Winning Room

Josh and Elyse went with a monochrome colour scheme for the main room features, popped with colour in their styling touches.

The planter full of lush green plants added a bit of warmth to the bathroom.

The BLock 2017

“If you read these bathrooms as a sign of things to come, I think we’re in for one hell of a ride,” said Neale.

The Block 2017

With all the main bathrooms now complete I can’t wait to see what the contestants do with the kids rooms next week.

All images are from The Block official website.  You can view their rooms in detail and read what the judges say about each room.