The Block 2017 – Bedrooms

The new Block for 2017 has started and by now you are all probably getting to know each couple as they settle into their new homes.

I love that this season of The Block is about renovating and decorating five individual weatherboard homes on their own land, complete with a verandah out the front and a backyard.

The style of the homes is also in keeping with the suburb of Elsternwick.  You can read all about where each home has come from at The Block.  Take a look at each of their bedrooms completed in the 48 hour challenge.

House 1 – Jason & Sarah

Room Budget $13,800

The Block 2017

The Block 2017Jason and Sarah used a variation of patterns, colours and textures with their choice of cushions.  They spent $3000 on the artwork for their bedroom.

They have used black circular side tables on either side of the bed and a matching circular mirror over the dresser, linen bedding and a cosy knitted throw rug.

House 2 – Clint & Hannah

Room Budget $6,025

The Block 2017

The Block 2017

Hannah and Clint went for matching timber furniture for their room. They have added some greenery with plants to brighten the room. The styling for their room was simple and pretty with soft pink tones and rose pink finishes.

House 3 – Ronnie & Georgia – Winning Bedroom

Total cost $8,700

The Block 2017

The Block 2017

Ronnie and Georgia used a monotone colour pallette throughout their bedroom.  They have chosen different fabrics and grey tones in styling the bed.  Splashes of greenery have been added to the room with leafy green plants.

Neale said  “he would be very happy to be a guest in this room”

House 4 – Sticks & Wombat

Bedroom Total Budget $4,300

The Block 2017
The Block 2017
The natural timber bedhead is the feature of this room, adding a natural element of colour and texture.
Splashes of green are placed throughout this bedroom with a lush green potted plant and a leaf patterned cushion as a focal point, with grey pillows in the background.

House 5 – Josh & Elyse

The Block 2017

The Block 2017

Josh and Elyse used bold colours surrounded in white.  The judges loved the sanded baltic floorboards, saying “they came up a treat”.  Leafy finishes gave life to the room.  They have finished their room off with styling some bedroom vignettes and a warm knitted throw rug.

The block contestants have all completed their first room.  Time on the block seems to be flying by already.  Do you have a favourite bedroom?

All images are from The Block official website.  You can view their rooms in detail and read what the judges say about each room.