The Kinfolk home is not just a decorating style but also a way of engaging the values of slow living to reclaim your time and devote it to whatever brings you joy.    Today we are going to look at some of the key principles and decor elements of slow living and simplifying your life.


Kinfolk Style

Slow living isn’t about determining about how little we can live with but working out what we can’t live without in our life and being mindful in our everyday lives.

Principles Of Slow Living

  • Cultivating Community
  • Simplifying our lives and reclaiming leisure time
  • Nurturing our family and friends
  • Decorating and using everyday pieces that bring us joy


Kinfolk Style

Five Decor Elements of a Kinfolk home

  • Vintage pieces
  • Handmade decor
  • Plants, but keep them to a minimum
  • Natural timbers, rattan, linen and fur
  • Up-cycled pieces

Incorporating natural timber furniture and decor in neutral earthy tones with soft linens will help you find the perfect Kinfolk home.


Kinfolk style



Kinfolk style


The Kinfolk Home by  Nathan Williams


“Interiors for Slow Living” by Author Nathan Williams is a mix of portrait and interior photography where Nathan takes you into the interiors of thirty five homes of designers, entrepreneurs, architects, photographers and stylists.  The owners have all created a living environment that is authentic to their values and living style.

Each homeowner not only shares their values and the ways those ideals have shaped their homes but also the ways their homes have in turn shaped them.

The book is divided into three chapters, Homes for Community, Homes for Simplicity and Homes for Slow Living.  My Interiors For Slow Living was bought from Provincial Home Living.