Three Simple Decorating Ideas For A Cloche

I have a small collection of glass cloches in my home and I am always looking for different ways to create a beautiful display with them.  Follow these simple steps to help you create your own beautiful display.

How to decorate a cloche


I started with some of my favourite decorating books to give my cloche display some height and I have added a black and white double bow to the top of the cloche.

How to decorate a cloche


I chose one of my framed prints from Sprout Gallery to place behind the display.  The colours in my print tie in with the books I have used to anchor the display.

This beautiful bouquet above is from The Secret Garden in Mornington.

how to decorate a cloche


I love to use any number of faux plants or flower arrangements I have at home.  Greenery can add colour, texture and interest to your display.

The potted Bayern topiary hedge is from Provincial Home Living and fits perfectly under my cloche.

How to decorate a cloche


Lastly, fill your cloches with beautiful pieces, whether it be from a collection you have or a theme you love.  Style your cloche by what season we are in or for a celebration.

Decorating a cloche

I have used some coastal theme pieces such as a birds nest coral from Crawford and Co., a nautilus shell and the Dynasty Floral Jar is from Provincial Home Living.  There are so many ways to decorate your cloche.  I hope this have given you some creative ideas.

Decorating Tips - Cloche

Have some fun and create something beautiful for your home.