Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

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This has been my first season planting my Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, they really do make me happy and I love to fill my vases full of their beautiful flowers for my home. Come and take a look. Planting I first planted my Dahlia bulbs in a small pot throughout the winter season and waited […]

Style Your Home Beautiful With Topiary Plants

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Today I have some topiary plant inspiration for your home. Come and take a look at some beautiful images and tips on how to grow and style your home beautiful with topiary plants. Topiary is the art of growing plants and training them to grow into a ball shape. Plants To Use Shrubs and hedging […]

Vintage Bathroom Design

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Are you looking for some inspiration for a new bathroom design for your home? Today I have a beautifully designed bathroom by Chango & Co. and I have included some of the elements that are included in this design. I love this vintage bath with the marble herringbone pattern floor tiles, perfectly positioned beneath this […]